What are the textiles we buy made out of?

What are the textiles we buy made out of? It isn’t easy for the naked eye to see, although sometimes you can actually see the fragility of some fabrics. For this reason you have to refer to the label in order to find out the composition percentages of each of the fibers.
Natural fibers (cotton, wool, linen, and silk) always have added value and, in some cases, even improve the permanence of the colors, making them sharper and more attractive.
When it comes to synthetic fibers such as polyester, the best quality must always be used in order to guarantee greater resistance and durability over time. In this context, the product’s brand is a guarantees for its quality, since the inexperienced, inexpert eye cannot possibly distinguish a good polyester from a bad one.
In this sense it is helpful to look at the «pilling» effect. When fabrics show a minimum amount of «pilling,» which is equivalent to the exfoliation of a fabric, it is a sign of poor quality. “Pilling” occurs when the fibers are so short that any kind of friction breaks them, making them protrude from the fabric to produce annoying and unattractive little balls or “pills.”
Although it is not visible, a good fabric is composed of many threads, which is what gives a fabric its weight and a dense weave. That is, when woven, the higher the thread count in both the weft and the warp – which form the basis of any  textile product – the more threads there are in the fabric itself and, therefore, the higher the quality of the textile.
This is the infallible equation of any fabric. All are woven with a weft and a warp, but not all have the same thread count or thread quality.
In our sector, contrary to what you might think, the thinner the thread, the more expensive it is. However, if a thread is fine but of poor quality, it will break. If it is high quality thread, it will be fine, but resistant, producing a better quality material which will naturally be more expensive.
Fabrics composed of very fine yarns are the ones that have the best drape: they naturally exhibit a greater movement, greater flow, and at first glance they are usually the most beautiful and vibrant, such as silk.

Post time: Aug-23-2022