Smart mattress drives sleep consumption to upgrade

When all people want to “have a good sleep”, more and more people agree to improve their sleep by improving their bedding comfort.Data show that as the core tool carrying sleep, mattress consumption is upgrading to functional, ridge protection, antibacterial, single bag partition, smart mattress are favored by consumers, among which the turnover of smart mattress increased as high as 414% year on year, fully reflecting consumers’ desire to achieve “zero pressure sleep”.

According to the data of a domestic platform, in 2021, the search volume of partition mattress, intelligent mattress, antibacterial mattress and ridge protection mattress increased by 643%, 426%, 185% and 148%, respectively, becoming the four new trends of mattress consumption upgrading.They are selected by more and more families because they are more close-fitting and can effectively protect the spine. Data show that the turnover of spine protection mattresses increased by 83% year on year.Antimicrobial mattresses focusing on a healthy sleep environment showed high popularity, with latex mattresses with triple antibacterial functions up 196% year on year.Based on couples or couples for anti-interference sleep demands, single bag partition mattress also triggered popularity,

If ridge protection, antibacterial and single bag partition are still based on the basic demands of consumers to “want to sleep well”, then the consumption trend of smart mattress reflects the upgrade of consumers’ concept from “want to sleep well” to “sleep well”.Can intelligently adjust the height, snoring intervention, health monitoring…… More and more consumers are willing to use black technology to achieve the purpose of “zero pressure sleep”.Behind the upgrading of sleep consumption is the continuous improvement of people’s health awareness.Antimicrobial and mite prevention, probiotics, hyaluronic acid fabrics all bring greater technological support to these new mattresses.Let’s start a new experience of zero-pressure sleep together!

Post time: Mar-23-2022