Mattress Fabrics: Ticking All the Right Boxes

Today’s mattress fabrics have something for everyone—whether you’re looking for elegant, edgy or energizing.
Ticking has come a long way from basic white. These days, it seems every mattress maker and retailer wants a mattress to “pop” on the showroom floor and from the pages of a website. Whether it’s with eye-catching color and contrasting borders or a plush, soft elegance, mattress fabrics are making a statement.
And it’s not just the look and feel. Many ticking suppliers are touting the health and wellness benefits of their products, as well as performance features such as cooling technologies.

Fashion forward
Today’s bed must be fashionable, say suppliers of mattress fabrics, who are looking both to apparel and home furnishings for inspiration.
Several years ago, a bed on the floor was simply a bed. Today, it’s a piece of furniture. Every bed on the floor is very distinct in its appearance. In the past, everything was a sea of white. Today, it’s totally different. With fashion top of mind, translating apparel looks for bedding. It’s an approach that’s been successful for the company in the past year. Consumers are gravitating toward beds with designer looks, say a dark base and dark border paired with fresh-looking panels. Consumers want to match with the furniture in your house, to match with the floor. They don’t want a white box in your bedroom. They want a really nice piece of furniture

Warm and bright
Color is key. While plenty of neutrals and soft tones abound, designers are keeping track of color trends throughout apparel, home décor and other categories, then translating those into ticking.

A new way of doing things
New machinery is making more looks possible than ever before. At its Deslee booth at ISPA EXPO, BekaertDeslee showed off intricate designs, including lacelike patterns, made possible by new weaving technology.
“The concept is to bring the older jacquard weaving technology through a fresh jacket of innovation and design, like a piece of art,” he says. Deslee also offers the woven-inspired Finesse collection, a high-definition knit that’s soft and detailed.

You’ve got the look
Move over florals of yesteryear. Today’s, patterns are full of drama. Many mattress fabric suppliers are focusing on contemporary themes, in addition to more traditional designs. Other popular concepts include minimalist, architectural, menswear, sportswear and global.

More than a soft touch
While some fabrics communicate comfort, others shout performance, looking to the athletic industry as an inspiration for their design and function.
As the mattress industry gets more into health initiatives to provide a better night’s sleep, they want mattresses that breathe and they want mattresses that have performance characteristics.

Post time: Dec-29-2022