China cost-effective manufacturer of knitted fabrics

Tianpu was founded in Zhejiang – and was one of many in the textile industry. The history of the development of Tianpu is intertwined with the history of the  textile industry in Zhejiang, which has a strong  textile productivity
Tianpu started to operate in 1986. Constantly modernized the available equipment and the use of cutting-edge technologies in the production of knitted fabric gave the company a strong position among China manufacturers. We cooperate with well-known garment manufacturers and producers of the furniture industry.

Tianpu is a combination of industry and trade, committed to become the most cost-effective mattress fabric supplier in the world.
We offer a range of different fabric options for our mattress bases and headboards. Whether you want a chic neutral colour or something more bright or daring we have a fabric for you. We have a professional R&D team,and we can develop and produce products according to the drawings or samples the customers offered.
The company has professional production equipment, experienced production and management personnel, our production process and equipment can be produced for a variety of sleep needs of bedding, including a variety of jacquard one-sided knitting, double-sided knitting , woven/damask fabric, knitted fabric with TPU lamination, mattress protector, mattress cover, mattress encasement and pillow case . And the products is not only 100% polyester, but also polyester with special/natural yarn, such as tencel, bamboo,bamboo charcoal, modal,copper ,silver and so on. We also can provide many kind of finish treatment, for example, anti-static, aloevera and anti-mosquito.



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Post time: Jun-14-2022