Advantages of organic cotton fabric

A large part of our life is spent in bed. Good sleep can give the body adequate rest, rejuvenate the body, and work energetically. The fabric of the mattress has a great influence on the comfort of the mattress. There are many kinds of mattress fabrics. This article mainly introduces the organic cotton fabrics.

First of all, what kind of cotton can be regarded as organic cotton?In the production of organic cotton, natural farming management is mainly based on organic fertilizer biological control of pests and diseases. Chemical products are not allowed, from seeds to agricultural products are all natural and pollution-free production. The content of pesticides, heavy metals, nitrates and harmful organisms in cotton are all required to be controlled within the limits set by the standards in order to obtain certified commercial cotton. The production of organic cotton not only requires the necessary conditions such as light, heat, water, and soil for cotton cultivation, but also has specific requirements for the cleanliness of the cultivation soil environment, irrigation water quality, and air environment.

What’ the advantage of organic cotton fabrics produced by organic cotton grown under such strict requirements?

1. The organic cotton fabric has a warm touch and soft texture, which makes people feel close to nature and comfortable.
2. The organic cotton fabric has good air permeability. At the same time, it also absorbs sweat and dries quickly, so it won’t make sleepers feel sticky or unrefreshing. Organic cotton fabric does not generate static electricity.
3. Since there are no chemical residues in the production process, organic cotton fabrics will not induce allergies, asthma or dermatitis. It basically does not contain any toxic and harmful substances to the human body.Organic cotton baby clothing is very helpful for infants and young children. Because organic cotton and completely different from general conventional cotton, the planting and production process is all natural and environmental protection, does not contain any toxic and harmful substances to the baby’s body.

Post time: Dec-22-2021